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Payment Refund Policy


* Komani Lake Ferry is willing to refund your online payment in case you wish to cancel your booking or in cases that we cannot provide the promised service due to natural conditions or restrictions by government decisions.
* However, it is important to point out that “not all cases can be reimbursed“.

Below you will find the rules for each case and the amount that can still be refunded.

Unavailability to complete the services booked

* Whenever Ferry Berisha, Boat Dragobia, Boat DeMar or other vessels owned by us, will not be able to operate due to serious natural reasons, government restrictions or technical failures, you will be notified in advance via email or mobile (it is important to enter your contact information correct) and you will receive a 100% refund within 7 business days.

Cancellation or change of date required at least 24 hours prior the trip.

* If you want to change the date of the trip or cancel it, make sure to request the change/cancellation at least 24 hours prior the start of the trip. The date change will have an additional cost fee of 10% of the total price which you can pay cash upon arrival.
* In case of cancellation 90% of the amount you paid will be refunded via PayPal. You should request cancellation through email or one of the mobile contacts provided in our website and we will approve it. If you cancel 24h prior the trip, despite the reason of cancellation you will receive the refund.

Payment cannot be refunded in cases as following:

* Any request for cancellation of any type of booking that is requested within less than 24 hours prior the trip is not entitled to a refund.
* Cash payments are non refundable
* In case you run late due to different cause.

Accommodation at 5 Stinet

* Any request for cancellation of your booking at 5 STINET villas or guesthouse that is made 5 days prior the arrival date, will be refunded 90% of the amount via PayPal.
* Any requests for date change 5 days or more prior the arrival date will be changed 10% of the total amount, if we have availability for the dates required.

* All requests for cancellation that are made less than 5 days prior arrival are not eligible for a refund.

Tours cancellation policy

* All tour payments cannot be refunded due to the initial preparations we have to make to arrange them. Tours that are not eligible for refund: VALBONA VALLEY TOUR, ALBANIAN ALPS TOUR, SHALA RIVER TOUR, ONE DAY TOUR, PRIVATE TOUR, KAYAKS TOUR
* Any requests for date change 5 days or more prior the arrival date will be changed 10% of the total amount, if we have availability for the dates required.

Pick up service

* All transportation services booked (from/to Tirana, Shkodra, Valbona, Theth, Koman, Fierze) are non refundable.

– We do not exchange currencies, we accept payments only on Euro or ALL.
– We do not acknowledge the payments you complete on the road or in offices that don’t have our authorisation to sell our services, the ones that have our authorisation will have our logo on their tickets and will give you the tax receipt for the service you have paid.
– Whenever you complete a reservation these conditions will be presented to the customer. In order to continue with the reservation the customer should understand and accept these conditions. As soon as the reservation is completed the customer will be equipped with the travel tickets and other additional information needed via email.

– All customers traveling with Berisha Ferry, Dragobia Boat, DeMar Boat and those who book our tours and pick up services will get an advance physical ticket or e-ticket, after payment is completed.
– Tickets that do not contain the serial number or other security features are not valid.
– The ticket must be presented to our employees on the ferry (not necessarily printed, we accept them electronically on your smartphone).
– In any case of request for cancellation/refund the customer should have the ticket.
– We recommend that you do not make payments on the street or places that are not authorized by Komani Lake Ferry or that do not have our brand.

First aid and safety equipment

* Our fleet: the Berisha Ferry, the Dragobia Boat, DeMar Boat or Speed Boat and also the small boats that are used for trips on the lakes are equipped with lifeboats and life vests.
* We would suggest to please listen and follow the instructions of the staff. The recommendations of our staff are obligations to be performed in an absolute manner by all passengers who have to embark.
* If the security conditions indicated by our staff are not respected the customer will lose the right.
* We always rely on common sense and in the cooperation of passengers to comply with safety and behavior rules.